Embodied Wisdom  - A New Way to be as a Species on Planet Earth- 

Movement as Medicine and Nourishment


Kids and Youth

We have a Child Festival and a Youth Festival integrated

Child Prices for the Festival:

3 u. 5 Years 65 €, 6 - 12 Years 80€, 12 - 16 Years 100 €

Die Kosten sind für Übernachtung, Essen und die Engel, die den Kinderraum unterstützen.

Das Kinder Festival  sowie das Jugendfestival mit Kunstworkshops und Tanzworkshops sind kostenfrei -

da wir Familien mit Kinder unterstützen möchten.

Costs and Accomodation

Festival for 4 days: 195 € excl. food 

Vegan biological food 20 Euro a day/adults (60 Euro)

Together: 255 Euro

Accomodation in the Hall is for free

Accomodation in Group-Rooms is free 

Accommodation for Families in Familie Room is free

Bus Place is free 

Tent is free


take a bath

in a heart centered , Dance and Somatic Research Community 

The Somatic Movement Arts Festival Benediktbeuern offers the opportunity to dive deep into your body and soul wisdsom,  regain your inner compass , authenticity, aliveness and happiness, improve your dance and movement abilities, rest deep into your own self and learn to communicate and "play" with Other HUMANS ..

in a new way . 

It is time to build a new kind of communities where we can feel very strongly what it means to be alive and what it means to be  a human being.. feel connected to our own nature and nature itself - 

it is time to regain back our birthright to be holy with a body...in a body....

.through a body....to have  a Soul and a Body.

Its time to walk out of the box.

Just tune into your heart and into your body.... listen....and follow...

Body Mind Centering, Continuum, Bodybliss, Contact Improvisations Dance, TranceDance, Hula Dance, Mindful Communication, Shiatsu, Yoga, Lakes and Mountains, Community Life, Touch, Sweating, Singing, Music, Sensual Satsang,  Power, SoulNourishment, Vegan biological food - Childcare, Youth-Workshops - Nature Workshops

You are free to come and go - and find your own rhythm for workshops, community,  sleeping, being, talking and silence.


experience is not needed.


its a gift

just for you


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We look forward to meeting you


Email us for more information: laugh-centre@gmx.net

Kalimah Moorea

Erdenzauber- EmBodyJoyPlay - Fluidbodies

"LeMuRia" - Limited Liability Company (US)


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