Muriel Mollet           Fight and Play - Conterbalance in CI


Kabiro Scheller        CEO of Somatic Movement Arts Festival

                                 (Replacement for CEO Sus Palm)

                                 Trance Dance-


Sonja Paffrath          Contact Improvisation


Stefanie Hahnzog      Body Mind Centering


Flurin Kappenberger Contact Improvisation and Shiatsu-CI

                                 CI and Acrobatics with Hip Hop Music into a

                                 cool Choreography for the Youth - Musician

Kalimah Moorea        CEO and founder and organisator of somatic                                        movement arts festival - Sound and                                                    FluidWisdom - Sensual Satsang - Trance Dance


Andrea Gröger         ContacTango


Taro Tikki Tikki         Trance Dance - Nature Outdoor - Contactango

                                 Bodywork - Musician

Lotte Jirka                Yoga

                                 Contact Improvisation for Beginner


Luisa Sarmiento        Singing - Musician

Linda  Tinobsin         CEO for Youth and Child Festival

                                 Dance Video Clip - Disco for All - LandART

                                 World Circle Dance for all Children

                                 CI + Acrobatics with hip music into a

                                 cool Choreography for the Youth

Karin Schwarz                  Adventure in the Woods


Taro - Musican- CEO of the Musican - Festival

Johannes - Musician

Miriam - Musician

Lotte - Musician

Lu - Musician

FLURIN- Musician

Andreas - Musician