Kalimah Moorea           CEO , Founder and Organisator of Somatic                                                                Movement Arts Festival,Sound and FluidWisdom                                                        Continuum Movement, Bodybliss, Sensual Satsang                                                      Contact Improvisation, Yoga, DNA Remembering into Dance                                        Trance Dance, Lightlanguage and Soulsinging

Kabiro Scheller        Organisator of Somatic Movement Arts Festival and Deputy                                        of CEO(Replacement for former second CEO Sus Palm),                                              Contact Improvisation Basic, Trance Dance, Lomi Lomi                  
Flurin Kappenberger     Contact Improvisation and Shiatsu-CI
                                        CI and Acrobatics with Hip Hop Music into a
                                        cool Choreography for the Youth - Musician

Cornelia Adams            HEAD of the Helper Organisation
Taro Tikki Tikki                Trance Dance - Nature Outdoor - Contactango
                                        Bodywork - Musician.
Ingo Rosenkranz
Sus Palm                       Body Mind Centering  - Craniosacral into Dance
Stephan                        Constellation Work into Dance
Bolanath and Rose         Singing - Musician

Linda  Tinobsin               HEAD of  Youth and Child Festival
                                         Dance Video Clip - Disco for All - LandART
                                         World Circle Dance for all Children
                                         CI + Acrobatics with hip music into a
                                         cool Choreography for the Youth  
Doris Nebel                   Adventure in the Woods and World Circle Dance

MARCIN BRONARSKI         Bubbles Games

Taro - Musican- HEAD of the Musican - Festival
Johannes - Musician
Daniel- Musician
Bolanath and Rose - Musician
Klaus Donarski - Musician
FLURIN- Musician
Klaus Vogelgesang   - Musician -

Loren - Our Beautiful Cook